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Fluffy  Adcox

Memorial for Fluffy Adcox

resided in San Antonio, TX.
Service: Private Service

Fluffy, a one year old female grey/white feline, was adopted on August 16, 2007 by Mary Adcox.  She guarded the house at all times and was always there for her petting and loving. Fluffy was very sweet and could understand what was said to her. Her watch points were in three house windows.  One window was at the driveway to watch for family coming home, especially Daddy Durvin Marion.  A second window was in the office, watching all work on the computer by Mommy Mary Adcox.  A third window was her favorite for watching the birds at the bird feeder.   In the morning, Fluffy was the "alarm clock", calling "now" for receiving her breakfast in the kitchen.  In the evening, Fluffy was always on the couch or on a lap for watching television.  April 14, 2016, Fluffy was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Having trouble eating and drinking, she lost weight and only weighed 4 pounds when she passed away.  She will always be missed.

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